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  • Address
  • Carnon Downs Garden Centre
  • Quenchwell Road
  • Carnon Downs
  • Truro
  • Cornwall
  • TR3 6LN
  • Phone Number
  • 01872 870055
  • Opening Times
  • Open 7 days a week - please phone for opening hours (Closed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day)
  • Types of Fish Sold
  • Marine
  • tropical
  • Cold Water
  • Discus
  • Specialities
  • Rainbowfish, Rift Lake Cichlids, Discus, Freshwater Shrimp & Invertebrates


Located just to the south of Truro on the way to Falmouth, we are situated in the lovely village of Carnon Downs, within Carnon Downs Garden Centre, Cornwall's largest garden centre.     

We have everything for the Aquarist. Our selection of dry goods meets the needs of all Marine, Tropical Freshwater and Coldwater hobbyists, from a wide range of leading brands, including Hagen, Tetra, Interpet, TMC, JBL and API. We stock a large selection of aquariums, including many nano 'lifestyle' aquariums such as the small but stylish Fluval Edge 23L and 46L, the sleek Fluval Spec, the modern Superfish Home 25 and the ever popular BiOrb range. For those wanting a larger aquarium, our exclusive Aquamanta Eco range, and the stunning, exclusive, AquaOak ange provide the perfect balance of economy and luxury, and we can also offer bespoke aquariums from Seashell to cater to almost any size and location. 
Our livestock selection caters to the needs of all levels of fishkeeper. We have an excellently stocked tropical freshwater system with over 120 tanks stocked with an amazing range of community fish, interspersed with fish to excite even the experienced aquarist. This includes a wide range of Tetras, Rasboras, Loaches, Catfish, Gobies, and many community Oddballs. A 12 tank Temperate/Coldwater system contains a varied selection of species suitable for unheated tanks including many smaller sized and hardy alternatives to the Goldfish. Bringing you 'Project Rainbow' and 'Project Shrimp', part of Maidenhead Aquatics South West homegrown 'Project' initiative, we aim to provide one of the best selections of Rainbowfish and Freshwater Shrimp in the country. To help us achieve this we have a system dedicated solely to freshwater Shrimp and other Invertebrates. Alongside our 'Projects' we also specialise in Discus, Rift Lake Cichlids, and in generally healthy, happy fish.
Our extensive Marine systems has 25 large tanks and hosts a vast array of attractive and unusual species, suitable for both fish-only and reef systems. We offer a wide selection of nano oriented species to cater for the growing number of nano and pico marine aquaria. A 4' x 4' coral sales tank hosts a large number of s.p.s, l.p.s, and soft corals, and we have a good selection of motile invertebrates, from the attractive to the hard-working, and even some that are both.    
If you would like to check our current livestock availability, you can do so by visiting and click on Maidenhead Aquatics @ Truro.     

Our display tanks are inspirational and achievable, with highlights including a 7' Rainbowfish tank that showcases just some of the magnificence and beauty of this lovely family of fish, a High Tech Planted setup in a beautiful Solid Oak Aquarium and Reef tanks of real beauty - from the nano to the large. We look forward to seeing you, and hope you enjoy your visit to our shop.
  • PFK Magazine Readers Poll 'Top 40 Stores in the UK', 2014

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