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Oase Pond Season 2019

Water is the passion behind Oase, over the years this has led to them becoming the leading manufacturer of pond equipment.

Oase look into every detail of their product range and perfect every part. This ensures they are offering the highest quality products to their customers.

Filtral UVC - NEW FOR 2019

The Filtral has revolutionised having small ponds and decorative water features. This useful compact underwater filter not only guarantees clear and clean water with the use of mechanical and biological filtering with UV sterilisation, but it's also all done below the water level preserving the appearance of the pond. Oase has also considered every possible feature of an underwater filter and has perfected every part to allow the Filtral to be easily maintained, have an energy efficient pump and a unique casing that allows for continuous water flow.

Starting 2019 Pond Season

It's important to start pond season in the right way. Oase has a range of products to help you get started and maintain your pond throughout the year. BioKick is a great product to boost the useful bacteria in your filter your filter after the winter. It's important to replace filter sponges and UV bulbs, whilst they may not seem defective to ensure your pond stays clean clear its important to replace them. Pond Vacuums are vital for all types of pond, natural dirt will build at the bottom of every pond and can become toxic unless you remove it.

Oase Sprouts

Aeration is very important in all types of ponds, a lack of oxygen can cause fish and other wildlife to suffer as a result. Aeration occurs when the water is displaced and this can be achieved through fountains and waterfalls. Sprouts are a decorative pond-side ornament making a great alternative to a fountain or waterfall.

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