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Return To Normal Closing Hours

  Please note that the majority of our stores located within garden centres operated & owned by The Garden Centre Group Ltd. (including Wyevale Garden Centres), will soon be returning to their normal closing hours.   From and including Monday 2nd March 2015,...

OATA Re-Launches "Hands Off My Hobby" Campaign

  OATA are re-launching the "Hands Off My Hobby" campaign in the run-up to the UK General Election, due to take place on May 7th. Their aim is for politicians from all UK political parties to recognise that keeping fish is just as acceptable...

Don't Miss "Shrimping The UK" with Chris Lukhaup

  Don't miss acclaimed "shrimp legend" Chris Lukhaup's 2015 tour of the UK, lasting for three days only. As the leading freshwater shrimp specialist, well-known aquascaper and professional photographer, Chris will be presenting a very special series of seminars in which he...

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