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NEW Superfish Bonsai Driftwood Trees

The exclusive Superfish Bonsai Driftwood Tree range is designed to add an attractive and imaginative look to your aquarium’s aquascape. With a combination of utilising different types of natural root wood, these are then carefully constructed by hand into a...

Congratulations to the Winner of our Reviews Competition for June!

Congratulations go to Vicky, winner of our Reviews Competition for June! Vicky reviewed the AquaCare Bio Boost and is very happy with how the product has improved the health of her tank and will be making a re-purchase. As a thank you for providing...

Congratulations to June 2016 Fishkeeper Gallery Winner!

Congratulations to Mark, your choice as the winner of our Fishkeeper Gallery Competition for June 2016! Mark's 180 litre Juwel 180 Rio aquarium received the most votes and was picked as your favourite of the month. The aquarium holds a plethora of tropical freshwater fish including...

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