Superfish Aqua Expert 70 Aquarium

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The modern, slim-line Aqua Expert 70 is the attractive, ready-to-go tropical aquarium from Superfish. With an easy-maintenance internal filter and built-in, energy efficient colour enhancing LED light for brilliant coloured fish and plants, it's the ultra-safe, ultra-easy way to enjoy beautiful tropical fish.  

  • Colour-enhancing LED light will add beautiful colours to your...
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The modern, slim-line Aqua Expert 70 is the attractive, ready-to-go tropical aquarium from Superfish. With an easy-maintenance internal filter and built-in, energy efficient colour enhancing LED light for brilliant coloured fish and plants, it's the ultra-safe, ultra-easy way to enjoy beautiful tropical fish.  

  • Colour-enhancing LED light will add beautiful colours to your fish and plants
  • Safe and energy saving LED light with 20,000 hour lifespan
  • Aqua-Flow 200 Biological internal filter with Easy Clean click system
  • Comes with a 100W heater
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Includes 2-year warranty.
Brought to you exclusively by the award winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation
Please note: The 'hidden' finger-touch on/off LED light switch is located in the centre of the aquarium lid, approximately 5 cm from the back. Also, please be aware that the LED light has been specifically designed to gradually ramp up, over a short period of time, in order to achieve it's maximum output.

Max Length: 56 cm

Max Width (front to back): 32 cm

Max Height: 40 cm


Approx. Volume: 70 litres


by DAVID on 05 May 2015

After a lot of looking bought from Mere park branch .Many thanks to the staff for helping out a complete novice .This is a great tank just the right size for the space I have set up but fish have to wait till after holiday but it looks good anyway. I may be new to the hobby but this is quality also bought a matching cabinet all at a good price


by BRUCE on 31 January 2015

What a great small starter's got everything to get going from scratch for a 'new to the hobby' like me and I easily managed to put the lights onto a timer by following the video on line. Only hint of warning, the LED strip is fixed to thin fragile plastic and mine broke off in transit but Maidenhead exchanged the whole tank without quibble....Oh and my live plants are doing fine you've just got to have the LED's on for a good period of time....12 hours a day for mine.


by JOSH on 19 January 2015

Brilliant tank, Superb price, couldn't of asked for anything better


by DARREN on 10 August 2014

Brought this tank coz it was a bargain with all you need to start, filter,heater. Agree with the lighting part of the tank took me a while to figure out but with the lid open theres a box inside thats how i figured it out, absolutly brilliant for my needs. When down the route of small colourful fish coz the lighting does show the fish off brillianty im mezmerized for hours with it. 10/10 from me


by JOHN ALLAN on 23 March 2014

Absolutely delighted with this tank it is fantastic and the price I got it for was great. Was hoping someone could tell me if the built in lights are suitable for live plants?


by JERRY on 20 February 2014

I bought this from maidenhead aquatics in christchurch,after careful consideration I finally got it,so glad I did it looks superb and the led lighting really brings out the colour of my is excellent value for money really pleased.also just like to say a big thank you to the staff at the christchurch branch for being so helpful when last weekend after Friday nights storms I had a power cut for a considerable amount of time and they were so helpful giving me great advice big thank you to maidenhead aquatics christchurch.superb.jerry.


by SIMON CUNVIN on 15 February 2014

Great little tank for the money, done a lot of running around before i settled on this one, and now i already want another bigger tank, this was for my daughters 6th birthday as this is what she asked for, she loves it, comes with all you need to get started except for water treatment, 2 year warranty with is twice as much as others i have seen that are similar in size but got £20 to £40 more, highly recomend this tank, great value for money

love the touch control LED lights, only downside is you cant put the lights on timer :(

Still you can have it all, great buy and one happy daughter, cant be bad can it


by SAM on 14 February 2014

What can I say. Absolutely brilliant tank. I could be wrong but by using an online calculator, I discovered that the safety factor of this aquarium is about 7. As far as I am aware, the typical standard is 3.8. So that says a lot really. The seals are done very nicely, no bubbles or deformities anywhere. So right there I am happy. Also, the light is great. It has a touch sensor at the back. Turns on gradually so the fish don't become frightened. The pump is plenty powerful too and it comes with a good quality heater. A good, basic, well constructed aquarium, very good value for money and in my opinion, a better option than many other smaller kits that have more accessories. Highly recommended.


by STEVE on 13 February 2014

After looking around for months pondering where to start tropical fish keeping without too much financial commitment, I purchased one of these from the Peterborough Crowland store.
At 70 liter capacity it appears to be just the right size for my requirements. If I am able to keep fish safe and well in this size then upgrading to say the Juwell Vision 180 later on should not be a problem as I believe the larger the tank the easier it is to keep the water quality satisfactory. ( Greater buffering capacity for any errors )?
OK I haven't got it set up yet, but it looks superb and excellent value for money as I bought it on the last day of their sale at a price of £59.99. Has to be a bargain.
I need to add that the assistant at the store was very helpful and pointed out that some purchasers had difficulty in finding the on / off switch. He then showed me on the display model where the on / off switch was located and demonstrated the operation of same. Maybe all the stores will adopt this approach for this model to save any future confusion. I am sure I would have struggled.


by MARC FRASER on 08 February 2014

Hi folks
Just got this tank for my birthday from the family, setting it up and looks great, have to say a BIG tank you!... for writing where the light switch wa s, I was baffled. ?. Absolutely agree should have a sticker on it or something, at times like this thank goodness for internet, enjoy your fish. ?..
fellow tankers Marc


by MARIE RANDALL on 12 January 2014

Aqua Expert 70 is value for money but my issue is why must the light switch be a hidden one .It took ages for us to work it out, i had to come on here to see if other people had had the same problem .I then saw the note saying where the switch was , it isnt clearly marked at all in the instruction manual i went through it several times to no avail.If i hadnt come on here to see other comments i would be none the wiser. please make it clearer to people when selling this product . The sales person in maidenhead in peterborough switched it on at the wall so he didnt explain where the switch was we are not mind readers.


by MARK LILL on 01 December 2013

Bought this little tank last week as a new back up/quarantine tank for my main aquarium from my local Maidenhead store at Gatwick.
Easy to set up, up and running very quickly with internal filter and 100w heaterstat included.
The LEDs give a surprisingly high light level, and come on gradually using an electronic sensor switch. The only drawback is that you cannot attach the lighting to a timer as it is an electronic sensor switch, the timer will switch the LEDs off but will not switch them on, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.
Otherwise a great little tank, highly recommended.

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