Debauwi Catfish

  • Pareutropius debauwi
  • Debauwi Catfish
  • Eutropius debauwi, Eutropiellus debauwi, Ansorgia debauwi debauwi, Eutropiellus debauwi vittata, Ansorgia vittata, Ansorgiichthys vittatus, Eutropiellus vittatus, Ansorgia vittatta bistriata, Eutropiellus kasai
  • Angola, Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Gabon.
  • Females tend to grow larger and are of a more plump appearance.
  • 11cm (4.33”)
  • Will acclimatise to a wide range of conditions. pH: 6.0-7.5, dH: up to 18 degrees.
  • 23-26 deg C (73-79 deg F)
  • Community
  • No special requirements

Debauwi Catfish are a peaceful, active shoaling species ideally suited to community aquaria. Shady planted areas will be appreciated, but a good amount of open swimming space should also be provided. Debauwi Catfish occur in moderately fast flowing waters, so you should make certain that the aquarium environment has a good amount of oxygenation and current. It is best to keep this species in large groups; six specimens would be considered the minimum number. Larger group sizes will give these fish a lot more confidence. Not to be kept with boisterous species, and larger Debauwi Catfish are not to be trusted with small fry.


Flake and small frozen foods such as daphnia, mosquito larvae and brineshrimp.


Reports are few and far between. They are said to scatter their eggs over plants, and these hatch within 3 days.

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