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Service Division

Established to provide a unique service to all our customers, be they commercial or domestic, Maidenhead Aquatics Service Division will help you maintain and look after your fish. Our priority is to deliver an extremely high standard as well as a friendly, professional and reliable service. We have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of fishkeeping and have now become the market leader in the field of aquatic maintenance within the surrounding areas.

  • Aquarium Setup
  • Fish health issues
  • Moving your aquarium
  • Problem solving
  • Regular aquarium maintenance
  • Pond maintenance

Tailored to your individual needs the service can vary greatly. With the majority of our customers, we offer a simple reassurance that their tanks are being maintained correctly and healthy with regular fortnightly visits. We also help with problem solving, aquarium installation, fish health issues, quotes and general advice. Nothing is too big or small for us to consider! We cover all types of indoor aquariums including tropical, planted, marine, coldwater and discus.

A New Aquarium?

Are you concerned about your ability to set up your aquarium, worry no more, we can help with the set up of new aquariums and aid you if you are new to the hobby. If you find the idea of setting up an aquarium quite a daunting task, we can take away of anxiety and take you through the stages step by step. If you still feel you need our help then we can arrange for a regular visit to assist you maintain your aquarium for many years to come!

Pond maintenace

The service division can also carry out basic pond maintenance work such as, filter cleaning, pond vacuuming, water testing, general advice on filter set ups, health issues and disease identification.

Moving your aquarium

We can also move your aquarium for you, be it to a new home or just a different room in your current house. We can also remove aquariums that are no longer required, giving you the reassurance that we always find the best homes for any of your fish.

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We cover a wide area around those stores that are able to offer this service. We also offer a 24 hour emergency call out service if required.

The following stores currently have a Service Division:

Please call your local Maidenhead Aquatics listed 'service' store for more information today.