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Confirmation Of The Official Ban On The Importation Of Apple Snails

Stuart Ashley - Published on 14/11/12

Following last month's news article, we are sad to announce that Apple Snails, a long standing favourite of many tropical freshwater fishkeepers, are now to offically become just a fond memory for all European Aquarists. 

As previously reported, a population of snails were found in the Catalonia region of Spain, and as a result the EU Commission have finally imposed the legislation banning the import and breeding of all members of the Genus Pomacea, which includes the familiar tropical Apple Snails. 

Unfortunately Apple Snails already have a reputation for invasiveness, having made themselves at home in both Hawaii and Taiwan where they are a serious pest to food crops.  This ban now comes into immediate effect and the Apple Snails that you see in your local Maidenhead store cannot be restocked once they are sold. The result being that, over time, the number of Pomacea being sold will cease altogether, thereby eradicating the risk of wild populations establishing themselves in the EU. 

Provided there is no evidence in official surveillance of Pomacea reaching the wider environment, the legislation will still allow all existing stocks in stores to be traded and then maintained under contained conditions (e.g. in fish tanks) until the end of their natural life and avoiding the need for more stringent action, such as an immediate prohibition on further sales.  

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